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Protecting Medicaid's Promise

With the start of the new Congress and new Administration, health care policy is on the front burner in Washington. The future is very uncertain, and the stakes are high. Health care touches all of us and affects nearly 20% of the U.S. economy. AARP is very focused on making …

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Free at Last: HIV, Parenthood and Caregiving

I’m not a parent. I have three nephews, however, and I’m happy having the role of uncle. I wasn’t always satisfied with being childless. In fact, one of my early struggles with having HIV was mourning the loss of potential parenthood. Fortunately, when it comes to being a mother or …

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Adam West — A Batman For The Ages

Adam West was my first hero. As a child, I used to rush home from elementary school so that I could binge watch back-to-back syndicated episodes of Batman. Irrespective of what troubled me during the day, watching West’s Batman invariably transported me to my happy place. Much has been said …

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The Babadook Is The LGBTQ+ Icon 2017 Needs

In case you missed it, the Babadook is now an LGBTQ+ icon. After being mistakenly listed in the “LGBT” section on Netflix, the terrifying villain of the 2014 horror film was embraced as a queer icon by the internet. These are truly strange times we’re living in but perhaps the …

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Aisle View: Stirring Up The Deplorables

Just how do you take some old play—W. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the Tony (Antonius) Award winner from 1599, for instance—and give it gut-wrenching relevance in Central Park circa today? Oskar Eustis goes for the jugular by surrounding his small-handed Caesar with thugs, handlers, and a trophy wife with an Eastern …

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